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The Mineral Products Association is particularly concerned about teenagers who place their lives at risk by trespassing in both active and disused quarries. Over recent years, young people have been killed and seriously injured in such situations.

The techniques long used by the MPA to communicate its safety message to children are rarely effective with young adults. MPA has, therefore, mounted an 18-month pilot study to find better ways. The outcome is a series of new opportunities for teachers of key stage 3 and 4 students.


View a copy of our final report to the Mineral Industry Sustainable Techology (MIST) programme and our action pack advice for quarry managers.
Schools Partnerships

QPA is keen to work with secondary schools in key quarrying areas. Projects have real curriculum value. Check out what we are offering and see the work of our pilot schools.
Mature Thinking

Mature Thinking is a life-changing programme designed to encourage teenagers to take a mature approach to risk. It’s free and the resources – including a video - are downloadable here.
Final report from pilot research study (2.1mb) PDF
Advice For Quarry Managers (1.3mb) PDF

Schools Partnerships leaflet (1.7mb)

Resources produced by Anthony Gell School, Derbyshire
Interviews with trespasser (48kb) DOC
Magazine (1.6mb) PDF
New uses presentation (15.4mb) PPT
Water soil tests (2.3mb) PPT
Video (5mb) WMV
Resources produced by Frome Community College, Somerset
Interview (18.3mb) MP3
Radio drama part 1 (1.4mb) MP3

Radio drama part 2 (6.8mb)

Radio drama part 3 (6.8mb) MP3
Radio phone-in (25.7mb) MP3
Radio Ad 1 (244kb) MP3
Radio Ad 2 (628kb) MP3
Radio Ad 3 (360kb) MP3
Radio Ad 4 (488kb) MP3
Radio Ad 5 (508kb) MP3
Radio Ad 6 (796kb) MP3
Radio Ad 7 (1mb) MP3
Resources produced by Serlby Park School, Nottinghamshire
Video (11.5mb) WMV
Resources produced by Tividale Community Arts College, West Midlands
Postcard 1 JPG
Postcard 2 JPG
Postcard 3 JPG
Postcard 4 JPG
Animation (2.3mb) WMV
Mature Thinking leaflet (396kb) PDF
Mature Thinking video (10.3mb) WMV
Session 1 – Teaching notes (400kb) PPT
Session 1 – Plan (200kb) PDF
Session 2 – Teaching notes (828kb) PPT
Session 2 - Plan (760kb) PDF
Session 3 - Teaching notes (292kb) PPT
Session 3 – Plan (204kb) PDF
Supporting resources
BECOME sheet (84kb) PDF
Leighton Memory matrix (24kb) PDF
Leighton Memory matrix - completed (28kb) PDF
Preferred learning styles questionnaire for use with creativity exercise (20kb) PDF


For further information on any aspect of this project please contact Communications Team at the Mineral Products Association
tel 0207 963 8000
email [email protected].