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Cool Places
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Is science your worst subject at school? You’ll see it in a whole new light if you visit the Science Museum in London.

Stone in the making   Great for nature   SSSSSh - its secret!
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The rocks that make your home, school and roads come from quarries. Find out how they were formed at the National Stone Centre.   What happens to quarries when we’re finished with them? Many become great places for birds and nature   What’s around us all the time and can be millions of years old? No, it’s not our grandparents! Find out about the secret lives of rocks here.
OTHER cool places
The Eden Project
Whisby Natural World
Brandon Marsh Nature Reserve
Conkers in the National Forest
Norfolk Broads visitor centre


Fun with rocks
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Fancy becoming a rockhound, learning more about dinosaurs or going fossil-collecting? More

Discovery trail

Drive a passenger train, operate a water wheel and learn about everyday products that come from quarries at Snibston Discovery Park.

Rock studies

For a fun and educational school trip in the south west, you can’t get beat the Somerset Earth Science Centre.

Year of Water cooperation

The United Nations General Assembly declared 2013 as the International Year of Water Cooperation - find out more here.

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