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About Shockwave

What is Shockwave?
Shockwave is a way of playing interactive programs in your Web browser. For Microsoft Internet Explorer, it is an ActiveX control. For other browsers, it is a plug-in. Either way, the Shockwave content can appear inside a Web page in your browser. Shockwave is made by Adobe (formerly Macromedia).

How do I install Shockwave

The best way to get Shockwave is to use the "Shockwave Player 10 Full Installer" available at You can also download the "Flash Player 7" installer at You can go to to test and troubleshoot Shockwave.

I can't get Shockwave or Flash to work, can you help?

The Virtual Quarry Tour requires Shockwave, other areas of the site require Flash. Shockwave and Flash are extensions to your Web browser. They are both made by Adobe. You use Shockwave and Flash to view the Virtual Tour the same way you use Microsoft Internet Explorer or another browser to view text and graphics.

To get Shockwave working, explore the links on this page. You may need to get in touch with your IT department if you follow the instructions and still cannot get it to work. We hope this information helps, but please contact Adobe if you have further problems.

How do I get help with installing Shockwave?
Here are the support links:

  • Download the Shockwave Player
  • Download the Flash Player
  • Shockwave Player FAQ
  • Flash Player Support FAQ
  • Shockwave Test Page
  • List of Shockwave Player Downloads
  • Shockwave Player Privacy
  • Contact Adobe
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